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Established in 2000, our organization represents over 20 years of experience in providing security solutions against vandalism, theft, physical aggression, personal safety concerns and parking control issues within a variety of industries. We understand the needs of our clients with a diverse environment.







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Our Officers Make A Difference.

Our officers are systematically-trained professionals with proven decision-making abilities. They have been carefully screened and chosen for their proven skills in customer service, crisis intervention, incident de-escalation, situational management, criminal identification, and activity monitoring.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to keep providing high quality, cost-efficient security without compromising the quality of service promised. We fulfill the requirements tailored to their specific needs, primarily the safety and security of the client’s workforce, property and premises, assets, wherever and whenever it may be.

Our vision is to remain one of the security industry’s lead contributors to the welfare of different entities across Ontario, Canada.

Gemstar Security hires determined, disciplined, and passionate professionals because the organization believes that quality people deliver quality results.



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Our Security Services

Gemstar Security Service offers comprehensive security solutions


Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response

Be assured that when our mobile units arrive on-site for patrol and/or alarm response, a thorough check of all common areas will be conducted. They will arrive on-site in marked vehicles as per Ministry standards.

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Dispatch Services

Feel confident that you will speak to our company's live dispatcher 24-hours per day and not an answering service. All inquiries will be dealt with immediate attention regardless of time of day. Our dispatchers provide life-line support for customers and staff alike. They are trained to react to situations as they arise and able to multi-task.

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Concierge Services

Concierge staff is responsible for front-end customer service at the main lobby of the building and is usually the first point of interaction with persons entering the property. Residents, visitors, contractors and property staff will always be greeted in a kind and professional manner.  

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Security / Patrol Guard

Our first priority is the protection of people, property and assets. Our security staff will ensure all common areas of the property are monitored to reduce the risk of threat by maintaining high visibility. When signs of crime, fire and disorder are present, our professionally trained guards will take appropriate action and report all incidents to the management staff and emergency services as needed.

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