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We offer a wide range of security services for residential, commercial, construction, warehouse, and many other domains.


At Gemstar Security, we understand the level of security needed by homeowners and their corresponding management staff. For this reason, we continuously upgrade our craft. We offer a selection of services including but not limited to:

  • Concierge service
  • Mobile and foot patrols
  • Daily reports
  • 24/7 live dispatch service
  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Security patrol signs
  • Regular supervisor site visits
  • Monthly on-site staff meeting. Management and director are welcome
  • Lighting audits
  • Guard Tour systems
  • Contractor escort
  • Fire watch
  • Site post orders
  • Health & safety manuals
  • AODA customer service policy


Our licensed security personnel have knowledge of the site’s requirements, policies and procedures to ensure a high level of service and to meet our customers’ expectations.

We offer a selection of security service including but not limited to:

  • Gatehouse security
  • Concierge service
  • Access control procedures/monitoring
  • Assist and respond to emergencies by working close with First Responders Emergency Agencies
  • Patrol service to act as a deterrent to potential vandalism
  • Customer service
  • Fire watch
  • Contractor escort
  • Guard Tour systems
  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Site post orders
  • Health and Safety Manual
  • AODA Customer service policy
  • Occurrence reports
  • 24/7 live dispatch service
  • Lighting audits


Construction sites are an open opportunity for thieves and vandals on the hunt for free material and equipment to capitalize on their furtive mission. The presence of a security guard on a construction site is a means of preventing/diminishing the loss threshold. Without a watchful eye to monitor these sites 24/7, they become more susceptible to vandalism and theft causing the industry to suffer monetary losses and increased insurance premiums.

Our services include:

  • Threat and risk assessment
  • 24-hour dispatch and monitoring
  • Ensuring that security and safety protocols are being followed on-site
  • Logging incoming/outgoing vehicles
  • Logging deliveries and pick up
  • Ensuring lock-up after working hours
  • Removing trespassers and loiterers
  • Diffuse conflict among the site staff
  • Emergency and first-aid training


    Warehouse facilities require a variety of security amenities to ensure the safety of people, property and assets.

    Gemstar Security understands the responsibility of working with industrial entities and is able to provide  the required measures that rate above basic safety.

    This is achieved by:

    • Guard presence to monitor on-going activities of building occupants
    • Check ID of people entering/exiting the premises
    • Greet expected customers and accompany them to the designated place
    • Guard patrols to ensure exterior/interior safety of the premises
    • Foot patrol to monitor the premises for potential flood, water/gas leaks
    • Monitoring video surveillance activities
    • Guard presence boosts employee safety which in turn improves productivity
    • A guard’s presence acts as a theft/vandalism deterrent, thus, lowering  liability costs


     Gemstar Security Services provides security for a range of events. From private events like weddings to large-scale events like concerts and festivals, conferences, conventions and more. We understand the need for a cordial security staff that blends in with the event’s tone.
    Depending on the nature of the event, we provide you with a comprehensive security plan that takes note of the event, venue, scope and size of the event, attendees and more factors.

    Our security services for the events are as follows:

    • Event plan
    • Entrance and exit patrol
    • Customer service
    • Crowd control
    • VIP protection
    • Identity verification
    • Covid-19 screening – temperature check
    • Perimeter security
    • Conflict de-escalation
    • Breathalyzer tests


    Proudly Providing Security Services to Residential & Commercial Clients Across GTA

    Our 24/7 customer support team enables us to help you under any circumstances and offers hassle-free security service.

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