Gemstar Security Services

Security Services


Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response

Be assured that when our mobile units arrive on-site for patrol and/or alarm response, a thorough check of all common areas will be conducted. They will arrive on-site in marked vehicles as per Ministry standards.

Our mobile unit consists of dedicated individuals who are experienced and leaning towards a future in law enforcement. They are highly trained and able to deal with occurrences such as loitering, trespassing, prohibited activities, vandalism, break and enters, fire alarms and more.  

All our mobile drivers are required to provide driving abstracts bi-annually to ensure road rules are being obeyed.



Feel confident that you will speak to our company's live dispatcher 24-hours per day and not an answering service. All inquiries will be dealt with immediate attention regardless of time of day. Our dispatchers provide life-line support for customers and staff alike. They are trained to react to situations as they arise and able to multi-task.

Our dispatchers have a vast knowledge of geographical areas, are dependable and capable of holding any information under high stress situations. They are highly organized and able to direct our multiple resources as deemed necessary.


Security / Patrol Guards

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Our first priority is the protection of people, property and assets. Our security staff will ensure all common areas of the property are monitored to reduce the risk of threat by maintaining high visibility. When signs of crime, fire and disorder are present, our professionally trained guards will take appropriate action and report all incidents to the management staff and emergency services as needed.

Our security guards are fully trained in tactical communication/good customer service, use of force considerations, powers of arrest, Trespass to Property Act, report writing/documentation, restraint asphyxia and excited delirium, general defense tactics, compliant/active subject restraint, searching strategies and much more.

They do not leave their assigned post to intervene or assist in an off-site incident without assigning another responsible individual to the location.

All of our guards are fully licensed as per Ministry standards.




Concierge staff is responsible for front-end customer service at the main lobby of the building and is usually the first point of interaction with persons entering the property. Residents, visitors, contractors and property staff will always be greeted in a kind and professional manner.  

Our concierge staff is responsible for answering calls, announcing all visitors and contractors visiting the building, receiving and delivering packages, assisting with move ins/outs and at times perform administrative duties in support of the management staff. Our concierge staff are also trained on fire and emergency procedures.

Customer service training is provided to enhance customer satisfaction. We strive to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.